The word OkiDoku is a hybrid of the word Sudoku and the idea that Math can be OK for everyone.  What you see here is a 3X3 OkiDoku puzzle.


This puzzle contains 3 distinct numbers and obeys the following rules.

  1. Each of these three numbers must appear exactly once in each row and in each column.
  2. The blocks with thick borders are called cages. Each cage shows a target number and a mathematical operation. The operation applied to the numbers in the cage should produce the target number. In this example there is one cage in the second row with a target number of 8 and a mathematical operation of addition. The puzzle solver should put two numbers in the cage so that the sum of these numbers is 8.

Link for playing the puzzle online.

Link to our guides here, here and here.

Link to a Short video.

A quick introduction to OkiDoku Puzzles can be found in this article.  OkiDoku Puzzles are similar to KenKen puzzles.  In KenKen only consecutive numbers 1,2,3..n are used while OkiDokuo allows other numbers.

By solving OkiDoku puzzles, students will not only develop logical and high level thinking skills.  They also practice with number facts that could be important for other mathematical experiences.