The word OkiDoku is a hybrid of the word Sudoku and the idea that Math can be OK for everyone.  In current education systems around the world big emphasis is put on testing and the fun part of math is being lost as do many students.  We believe that through  solving puzzles students can excel in Math.

A quick introduction to OkiDoku Puzzles can be found in this article

OkiDoku Puzzles  are similar to KenKen puzzles.  The purpose of both puzzles is to fill a square with numbers in such a way that the numbers do not repeat in a given row or column.  In a 3X3 KenKen the numbers are 1,2,3 but in a 3X3 OkiDoku puzzles the numbers can be 4,5,7 or 4.5, 3.5 and 8.  In other words, the difference between KenKen and OkiDoku is that in OkiDoku the player must figure out first what are the numbers in that puzzle.  If you are not familiar with KenKen we recommend that you go to the official KenKen web site and learn to play some simple 3X3 or 4X4 puzzles and then try some okidoku puzzles that are on this site.  A link to an free online book that explores strategies to solve KenKen puzzles is available.  It is our hope that a similar book about solving OkiDoku puzzles will also be available.

We believe that by solving OkiDoku puzzles, students will not only develop logical and high level thinking skills (which KenKen is a great tool for acquiring), but also learn and practice with number facts that could be important for other mathematical experiences.

A video showing how to solve OkiDoku Puzzles